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The Solution

We provide you with an interface or a back-end service which can easily and effectively process your assessment data. This is currently designed as an offline processing model. But subject to user requirements we can also integrate with your proprietary HRMS system to seamlessly receive and process your data files. Personally identifiable employee data is not mandatory and can be masked through relevant employee identifiers. The service is hosted on AWS cloud and is charged on usage basis for low volume usage and annuity basis for high volume usage. The solution is highly generic and scalable. We can process any relevant skill attribute based on appropriate data as long as it follows a highly generic and easily achievable file format. The data file is run through our advanced AI based engine to build an intuitive and easily recognisable pattern based on the candidate skill attributes. We then roll up these attribute scores based on agreed upon configurable weights to create the Consolidated Candidate Score. Based on previously agreed baseline pattern, we can provide you with comparative charts and reports that are easy to understand and use. Candidate scores – both Individual and Consolidated - are also provided based on the above logic. These reports can be mailed to you at the end of process.