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Most of the assessment models available today for induction process have manual design and implementation. Most companies still follow a manual screening and assessment process in HR departments. This is a monotonous, repetitive and subjective task and not insightful. Hence not an effective or scalable solution for employee induction requirements. At Pradjna we help you to automate a significant portion of your assessment and filtering process by leveraging our revolutionary Artificial Intelligence based pattern building and matching process. You have the advantage of using most appropriate baseline pattern for different job roles. This helps you achieve the best job role to skill fitment of the candidate that is most appropriate to your organisation. Screening for most of the Motor Skills (welding, driving, machining) is done manually as they are based on expert inspection. Companies find this manual screening and assessment process a major bottle neck to large volume hiring. Moreover, this process is monotonous and subjective and not data intensive. Hence this is not an effective or scalable solution. At Pradjna, we bring specific expertise in unsupervised Motor skills assessments. With minimum tweaks to your simulator based or proprietary candidate data, we can do the analysis and reporting on the candidate skills for pre-assessment screening. In-career performance management processes currently have limited automation. These assessments are generally done by individual corporates based on their proprietory processes . Also it is imortant to note that all major corproations world wide are moving away from bell curve based performance normalisation to continuous assessments model. We believe there is a great opportunity to integrate our generic inference engine with corporate HR systems for building suitable patterns for continuous performance assessments. Again ours is an objective and data driven model which can reduce the biases in the solely manager oriented performace management system of today. Pradjna as the Intelligent HR assistant can complement the manager by providing regular assessment inputs based on both employee self assessment and other reliable indicators of performance.

Highly Customisable

Every individual is unique. So every assessment needs to reflect that unique individual characteristics without loosing the connection with common role competency framework. But that is easier said than done in the current approach. To model the unique individual we need to capture a large number of data points which constitute that uniqueness. At the same time we should capture the underlying pattern and match it with suitable corporate benchmark mandated by the employer. Both this can be achieved in our architecure

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Currently there are no companies in India offering inference service based on  Artificial Intelligence. Also no company offers PaS model to large corporations with  their own proprietory HR and performance management processes.   Our system has the advantge of being configured as a PaS and SaS service. Thus we can offer PaS service to large corporates at the same time offering SaS service to smaller companies who may not have legacy Assessment systems.

Dynamic and Evolving

All assessment models being used today are static and rigid. These are not inference based and their utility reduces with time. Our inference engine is dynamic and continuously evolving.   The quality of the inference model will improve with time due to its self-learning architecture. Hence employer will get better value for money as time passes and as more & more screenings are completed.